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Diversification is the key to Web Marketing – Matt

Google’s Matt Cutts on diversification of web efforts across various platforms including SEO, Social Media, Print Advertisements, Yellow Pages and more.. Building great content still remains a major focus as usual and that’s pretty understandable too. He also warns webmasters against spam and reiterates the negative impact of hiring a[…]

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Screen Sharing Is Caring With Google Adwords

Google Adwords is a complex system and is definitely not easy for amateurs to handle it effectively. There are certain technicalities and complexities that even professionals some times bow down to. What helps at such a moment is the excellent Google Adwords Customer Support. Enhancing its already impeccable and user[…]

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PPC Common Sense

Adwords is a very refined system providing users (rich once), an excellent privilege to generate huge business opportunities. Most free tools offered within Adwords are pretty much helpful in optimizing a campaign. But at the same time, you can not ignore common sense. Here is an example: We found a[…]

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