Happy Face Palm Day Black Hat Seo

Palm face black hatRecently somebody wrote to me “I have been hiring SEO professionals and happily making money on the web since long but post Penguin, I am no more interested in using Xrummer, SEnuke, Scrapebox, AMR, BMD, or any other automatic link building tool. They ruined my websites I don’t know for how long..”. Also post Penguin, a new vertical within SEO services mushroomed where clients got webmaster messages about massive low quality links to their websites and they started asking for link removal experts.

Google is teaching business owners to understand the importance of white hat SEO and not to run after unethical practices which do fascinate instantly but are not sustainable. These techniques in a sense do make sense for short term affiliate marketers but not for serious businesses and brands. White Hat SEO is obviously more time consuming and takes a lot more patience but is definitely there to stay. Automated submissions to build 1000’s of links every day using these software or link networks was going on profitably for a while and hence came the dreaded Penguin (a cute creature otherwise till Google adopted them)

I am a strong supporter of the statement “SEO Evolves Itself” and thus cannot negate the fact that Black Hat SEO also evolves. Very soon there are definitely going to be more complex work arounds to counter this situation. But it’s surely going to be pretty tough this time. Bombers, Hackers, Virus Creators and similarly Black Hat SEO’s are understandably a step ahead in discovering new methodologies but the bigger question here is how far? What about the business owners who rely upon the SEO’s trust and bet on his/her abilities just to get their websites penalized after being used as experimentation grounds and dead rates.

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