PPC Common Sense

Adwords is a very refined system providing users (rich once), an excellent privilege to generate huge business opportunities. Most free tools offered within Adwords are pretty much helpful in optimizing a campaign. But at the same time, you can not ignore common sense.

Here is an example:

We found a keyword with high search volume (Approx 60,000) and no competition (Pure Gold). We obviously were placed as the first ad position for $0.30 as we were the only contestant in this race. To my surprise, Adwords Bid Simulator tool suggests increasing the bid for getting more number of impressions as per the below chart HuH.. How Come?

Adwords Bid Simulator

If we pay more $$$ for a keyword, are more number of people going to start searching for it? I am assuming being the first and the only bidder, I must be getting all impressions already for the keyword as my daily spend never exceeds the daily budget.

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Kapil Khaneja

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