Screen Sharing Is Caring With Google Adwords

Google Adwords is a complex system and is definitely not easy for amateurs to handle it effectively. There are certain technicalities and complexities that even professionals some times bow down to. What helps at such a moment is the excellent Google Adwords Customer Support.

Enhancing its already impeccable and user friendly support system, Google Adwords introduced an absolute stunning feature of Screen Sharing. At the first glance it looks pretty old school technology asset but its integration into this system can bring wonders. Ask those who have scratched there heads finding resolutions to PPC issues. This added tool will surely enable users explain the complex issues more effectively to the staff, leading to quicker and apt solutions.

Imagine what a relief this would prove for the customer support staff at the other end :)

Google Adwords Screen Sharing

Process: Google Adwords screen sharing is based on the Google Hangout technology and its pretty straight forward to set it up once an Adwords expert representative invites you for the same. Having a Google Plus account is also not mandatory.


The only limitation I see in this feature is that the Microphone is automatically muted when your screen sharing initiates and in order to converse with the support guy you still need to be on a phone.

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