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Q – My Close Competitor Ranks Easily.. Why can’t Me

A – Look beyond rivalry and sales greed, they might be deserving. Go find how close a competitor is he:SEO Queries & Myths

  • How old has he been into business? with more than 10 years old domain? while you booked one 3 months back?
  • What is the content quality and frequency the competitor has been publishing? Be Prepared To Catch Up..
  • Is your website attractive to get users engaged, Your competitor just spent 1000’s of $$$ in redesigning it?
  • Have you been using Link Blasts and Traffic Networks to generate quick magical results?
  • Is your website SEO Compatible?

Q – Pay For Results, Guaranteed Rankings Required

A – Nothing in life is guaranteed, not even life itself. Never ask a SEO provider to work for you for free to rank a super competitive keyword that might take months. You will end up paying a Black Hat guy applying all his unethical techniques to rank you instantly but the magic won’t stay forever. In fact it will ruin your website reputation in search engines and in the longer run, it will be tougher for you to even acquire your deserving spot. Better try and somehow bribe Google than finding a SEO.

One of my friends got Google first position request from two businesses competing in the same niche. I advised him to toss a coin & award rankings to the winner and ask the other to kindly settle for rank 2 with a rank one in Yahoo complimentary 🙂

Q – Do This, Do That & Get Me Results

A – You are definitely looking for a VA and not a SEO. Suggestions are always welcome but let the experts do what they are good at and you do your bit by keeping patience. That’s all what is most required from your end.. Thank You.
Business/Website evaluation and SEO strategy are the most decisive factors in any SEO campaign and you can’t afford to go wrong here.

Q – How Many Links Can You Build in an Hour?

A – This is the most common question from a probable client to which White Hat SEO guys do not have an answer. The very next thought after having a look at this question is “This client not worth working for”. But we go an extra mile in explaining them how and why SEO is not just about the quantity but the quality of Links.

These unaware clients are not totally at fault, there was a time when black hat SEO’s created wonders for websites using Link Building tools like Scrapebox Xrummer AMR SEnuke blasts. But now, Search Engines have become smarter and are growing everyday towards deciphering these manipulative short cuts and in fact penalizing them. It’s time for SEO to evolve the same way it did when search engines started penalizing hidden text on a web page which was enough to rank a website for a super competitive keyword in the 90’s.

Q – SEO is treated as Spam by Search Engines

No Way. SEO is in fact a help to the search engine crawlers who make the website crawler friendly, generate the right keyword sets as per the business requirement, suggest content ideas, better website design and functionality, optimize web page sizes and do a lot of White Hat stuff. Yes, crossing the limits using Black Hat techniques and over optimization with a purpose to manipulate search engine results can get a website under scrutiny but that’s most commonly a result of client pressure for quick magical results rather than a SEO provider’s curiosity or inability. Just make sure you find a good SEO with the most transparent and upfront methods.

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